If you are a house owner, it is fair to assume that you feel a sense of dread when you hear the word ‘refurbishment’. It is something that you’ve always known that you’d have to do someday, but the prospect of all of the work and all of the money needed for that work is understandably daunting.  This is entirely understandable as the process of refurbishing a home is not only time consuming, it can also be expensive. You can ask for a quote from local refurbishment companies, but no two will ever be the same. Because of this, to ensure that you are getting the best price possible, it is often better to do the work yourself.  However, doing this creates an air of ambiguity as to what the actual price will be. To make it easier for you, we have done a simple rundown of what you should expect to pay for some aspects of refurbishment. Remember, not every area pricing is the same so these prices may not be entirely accurate.



Something that you may not have expected to need refurbishment is your doors. Having a good quality set of doors in your home is beneficial for a number of reasons. First of all, as time goes on the wood within some cheaper doors will start to naturally rot. A lot of the time this can’t really be prevented, however higher quality doors won’t be as susceptible to these issues. Good dooring is also great for insulting heat in your home and will save you a lot of money in gas and electricity. The front doors of homes usually need to be replaced too as older doors don’t offer a lot of protection, so switching them for a newer model will offer more protection for your home. Sites like internaldoorsuk.co.uk quote around £50-100 for a new door, so you should think in that kind of price range.



Even if your lighting is in good shape and everything is working, with older houses you should think of replacing your lights and lighting fixtures. This is because old wiring is usually less energy efficient than newer lighting setups. Not only this, but old light fixtures have also been known to be unsafe and so it is smarter to address the issue before any safety issues actually arise.  Redoing your current lighting system will also mean that you can make your decor more streamline and fit to one theme. You could do this yourself at a lower price, but you can expect to pay around £100 for an electrician to do this for you.



Changing your flooring is a good investment that anyone that is planning on refurbishing their home should make. Installing new flooring can be very beneficial to other aspects of your home. For example, you can now find heated flooring that would save you lots of money in gas and heating. Investing in some strong flooring means that you won’t have to get it redone in the near future and is definitely something you should consider. Having your entire house re-floored is one of the more expensive refurbishment jobs, but it is definitely one of the more worthwhile jobs too. You can expect to pay around £500 for your home to be entirely re-floored, however, you can expect to not have to redo it for some time so it is a worthy investment.


Other cosmetic refurbishments that you make to your home really depends on where you source your work from and local prices, so be sure to look out for bargains.