Teak is one of the highly preferred wood for furniture all across the globe, and it comes as no surprise since it has the features to make it the best in the business. As the wood is being used heavily, regulations have been passed to control the deforestation of teak. The trees need time to rejuvenate into its profuse collection. As teak is on its way back to occupy the spaces in homes, there are some aspects of teak furniture that you must know. Here are four of those things you need to know about teak furniture.

Four Reasons that Make teak Furniture Royalty

This should give you a better idea of the factors that lead to a massive demand for teak furniture. It isn’t just the sleek surfaces and beauty of the furniture that imparts grandeur to the rooms but also the quality of material used. The three features that make teak one of the best materials for making furniture are:

1.      Strength

Extremes of cold and heat can be withstood by teak since it is a hardwood. It can serve as a great piece of furniture for both outdoor and indoor usage. With this high durability of the furniture, it is likely to stay unscathed by the moisture or other earthly factors. Great pieces of furniture can be etched from the excellent quality teak that is smeared with high quantities of oil.

2.      Beauty


Both furniture makers and homeowners find teak furniture the most attractive due to its grains and color. The warm golden color of the furniture used indoors can only be maintained if it is oiled frequently. Since the strength of the wood is a great supporting factor, teak can be carved into more beautiful structures, unlike the softer woods.

3.      Adaptability

One of the best qualities of teak is that it can be used anywhere on this planet. The extremely adaptable wood is resistant to termites and has a warm color to suit every home design. Shipbuilders have also been using it for several years now owing to the fact that it does not splinter easily due to its water-resistant properties. Teak can be shaped into any indoor or outdoor furniture as you want it to be. You can use teak for large dining tables, sofas, patio furniture or even cabinets; everything would look perfect in those sleek golden surfaces.

4.      Cleaning

Maintenance is required for teak furniture when you have it at home. Cleaning it every six to twelve months is recommended, and it should be made more frequent if the design of your furniture is complex. All you need to do is use brushes to scrub away the dust and dirt that are deposited in various parts of the furniture. You can get your furniture cleaned in 5 to 10 minutes if you have all these basic cleaning equipment. There isn’t any need to purchase special equipment to clean teak furniture. Make sure that you cover all the areas when you do so.