The temptation to sit in all day watching TV during lockdown is a hard one. Without access to pools, sports centers, and parks, trying to keep the family active is even harder than ever. However, even without access to your local facilities, there are still plenty of sports for you and your family to enjoy together. Below is a list of sports you can do with your family from your home.


Cycling is an activity anyone of any level of ability can enjoy, whether that be with the aid of stabilizers or a baby seat. With the amount of free time our children currently have without having to travel to school or have playdates with their friends, this could be an excellent time to teach your child how to ride a bike if they haven’t learned already. As an alternative to cycling, you could also try, skateboarding, scootering, or rollerblading. If your lucky to have a large enough garden, then that could be the perfect area to learn to ride and to have fun. If not, then why not try riding when your street is quiet or on a public field. Although you are not technically supposed to ride on the pavement, no police officer would find your five year old for riding a scooter on the sidewalk. Although, whilst cycling can be a great family activity, it can also be an expensive one, requiring each family member to have a good quality bike and to afford its upkeep of new tires and brakes, on top of safety equipment such as helmets and knee pads.


The pandemic has affected each of us in a different way, especially in regard to our finances. If you are looking for a family-friendly activity on a budget, then tennis could be a great option. All each member of the family would need is a tennis racket. Whilst there are plenty of expensive rackets out there designed for future Wimbledon winners, there are also plenty of cheap but good quality ones available too. There is also no need to buy a fence either, you can always place some garden chairs in the center of your garden to act as a net instead. You can play rounds of doubles or singles to find the tennis champion in your family. Just be careful not to hit the ball into your neighbor’s garden!


If you are on an even smaller budget, then football could be a great alternative option. All that is required is a ball which can be found at plenty a supermarket for under a fiver. You can use an actual net or a pair of old jumpers to act as the goal. There are plenty of options on how to play, whether that’s in a match, keepy-uppies or beat the goalie. Just a simple ball can lead to hours of exercise and fun.


Regardless of our socioeconomic status, not all of us are lucky enough to have access to a garden during the lockdown. However, there are still plenty of sports you can do inside your home, dance being one of them. With break dancing being added to the next Olympic games, perhaps this could be a chance to learn more about the moves and history of the sport. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube on how to learn the basics. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you can also attempt to learn some ballet. Again, there are plenty of free online tutorials as well as DVDs made by professionals to get you started on the steps. And it is always fun to put on your favorite tunes and dance together around the living room!


Another sport that can be done either inside or outside. Purchasing a set of bowling pins online can be a cheap and easy option, or you could make a set yourself out of kitchen rolls, helping to encourage your child’s creativity. A long hallway or galley kitchen would be perfect for bowling. Just line your bowling pins up, stand at the other end of the room, and let your ball roll along the floor. Just be careful there aren’t any valuables in the vicinity!