As most of us are spending as much time as possible at home right now, all of the time inside may suddenly be inspiring you to redecorate. There’s nothing like spending 15 straight hours in your living room to make you suddenly start to rethink that rug or begin to give that cluttered corner some serious side-eye. But as we all continue to social distance and since many stores are closed, all of these mini home makeovers can be achieved without leaving the house—and without buying anything new, unless you find some deals on home products.


Rearrange your living room 

If you and your family are spending more time than usual lounging around the living room, binge-watching Netflix, and working on jigsaw puzzles, it may be time to rearrange the furniture. For optimal TV viewing, angle the sofa and side chairs so every spot feels like the best seat in the house. If you’re trying to discourage so much screen watching, position the chairs so that the coffee table (a perfect spot to lay out a board game or puzzle) is the focal point. To make the space as cozy as possible, you may need to pull inside chairs, blankets, and pillows from other rooms.  


Bring the outdoors in 

As many of us are spending more time inside, consider introducing a natural element to your home. If you have a backyard or can go on hikes, collect a bundle of fresh flowers or greenery, or even a branch, to bring a touch of the outdoors in. 


Shop your home for accessories 

Tired of looking at the same decor as you sit on your sofa for day 10 of self-quarantine? Shop the other rooms in your home for vases, decorative objects, and art. The simple act of taking the candlesticks you’ve always kept on the dining room table and moving them to the living room TV console can suddenly make them feel like new again.